Puglia region has a lot to offer and one trip is certainly not enough to fully discover it. After telling you in the previous article on Bari, we decided to include in this article two other unmissable stops: Alberobello and Polignano a Mare. Different and complementary to each other, they can easily be combined in a long weekend through this fascinating region.


The visit to the trulli of Alberobello is certainly a unique stage of its kind.

The center can be easily visited in a few hours, but we advise you to stop one night and try the unusual experience of sleeping in a trullo.

The town is divided into two main districts: the Monti district, which is more historic and characteristic, and the Aia Piccola district, which is more residential. We advise you to start from the first, getting lost in the beautiful alleys populated by characteristic shops. The trulli here are organized according to irregular streets embellished with benches with original writings that go uphill until you reach the top of a small hill, where you will find the Church of San Antonio da Padova, also built inside a particular trullo, which is worth the visit.

I am sure that you will get lost like us to observe the beauty and peculiarity of the different trulli that are found in this district, we also recommend that you enter and visit the different shops not only for shopping but also to appreciate their architecture and admire the view from the balcony or the beautiful reconstruction of the town in others.

To appreciate the Monti district in all its beauty, there are two panoramic points that deserve a snapshot of the whole: the viewpoint terrace Santa Lucia, in front of the church of the same name and the gardens next to the Pozzo Contino restaurant.

To access the Aia Piccola district, don't miss the scenic stairway of love (Via della Contessa). It owes its name to the characteristic hearts and romantic phrases written on its steps.

Although less full of things to see, also Aia Piccola district is worth a stroll. Many of the trulli found in this neighborhood have been embellished and converted into accommodation facilities where you can spend a night in a trullo and understand how life could have been inside them once upon a time. For us it was a very special experience, also thanks to the attention to detail in the setting of the spaces. In this district also the Trullo Sovrano, the only two-storey one in the whole town, now converted into a museum, and the Basilica Santi Medici Cosma e Damiano deserve a stop.

Sleeping in the village, we were able to retrace our steps even in the evening and observe the beauty of this unique place, illuminated by night lights and with a limited number of tourists, compared to those present during the day.

Polignano a Mare

Positioned on a rocky spur overlooking the sea, the small village of Polignano a Mare is another stop not to be missed. Birthplace of Domenico Modugno, to whom a life-size statue was dedicated, it deserves to be visited not only for the beautiful beaches that you can reach on foot, but also for the small and particular historic center which can be accessed through the Marchesale Arch .

Here in the narrow alleys that run through it you will find several phrases painted on the walls and on the stairways, the work of a mysterious artist. Unusual and original, they give an extra touch of beauty and color to the center and will be one more reason to walk it, without a specific destination.

Among the points not to be missed there are certainly the beautiful Palazzo dell'Orologio and the panoramic terrace overlooking the Lama Monachile, a small pebble beach embraced between two rock spurs. Precisely from this terrace, every year in September fearless athletes launch themselves from the diving boards for the Red Bull Cliff Diving event.

You can also observe this small beach from the imposing ponte Borbonico or for an unusual point of view, from the beautiful terrace of Peppino Campanella's workshop, where you can also observe his original works.

You will be spoiled for choice on the beaches where you can spend a few relaxing hours. Not wanting to move by car, we walked to Cala Paura, a small cove where you can choose whether to stay on the beach (partially equipped) or along the concrete walkway built along the cliffs. The water is truly crystal clear and invites for a swim. We discarded Lama Monachile as it was a bit too crowded and reduced to half the space due to the Red Bull event facilities.

In the evening the city comes alive with life and lights, so a walk is definitely worth doing!

Before your trip

  • How to reach they? We rented the car in Bari at the airport and so we were able to move easily between the different stages of our tour

  • Where to stay In Alberobello we chose Rione Pentimi, a structure that offers different solutions in perfectly restored trulli, to live a truly unique experience of its kind In Polignano instead, we opted for D'aprile Dimore a small B&B a few steps from the center, with large rooms furnished with attention to detail and a small balcony

  • Where to eat? In Alberobello we chose a traditional trattoria for dinner Trattoria Amatulli, excellent home cooking, we enjoyed the orecchiette, the tortelloni with burrata and also the stewed bombette. Get advice, even the dishes of the day are excellent In Polignano invece abbiamo cenato al La Locanda Porta Picc: good local fish restaurant, with a bit long waiting times, but good courses
    And finally, for a quick break in Alberobello, we recommend instead 100metricubi, we came across it by chance, looking for shelter from the rain, the orecchiette alle cime di rapa and croutons are tasty and perfect for lunch

  • Where to eat on the go? In Alberobello do not miss the panzerotti of Principotto, prepared only with senatore capelli flour, they are really tasty and in many fillings available, for us the best tasted on this holiday! In Polignano instead we tried the tasty fish sandwiches of Pescaria (it is a retail chain, also present in Milan!) originals and in maxi format, absolutely unmissable, or the panzerotti of La rotellina good, but not the best tested