Last summer we returned to Milos after 10 years: it makes me strange to think how much time has passed! The memory I kept was of an island with beautiful beaches, one different from the other, sometimes unusual and unique in their kind.

An island that had struck us and for this reason we wanted to include it again in our tour. Milos is not just beaches: it has villages, one more beautiful than the other, which deserve a visit during the day and a quiet evening stroll. An island to discover and enjoy at your leisure.

Main sights

Plaka is certainly one of the most characteristic places of Milos. In fact it represents the historic center, with its narrow streets, restaurants and small shops.

We advise you to go through the center to reach the church of Panagia Korfiatissa and the black and white mosaics that decorate the pavement of the square. From here, you can also enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of the island. If you continue on a small street that starts from the square, you can then reach the Catholic church of the Virgin of the Rosary. In the small front garden, you will find some elegant classical-style capitals.

From here it is possible to reach the Kastro and the church of Panagia Skinotisia with a nice walk. From up here, the 360-degree panorama of the island will leave you speechless, we are sure of it. We went in the early morning when the city is still asleep and enjoyed the Kastro without any tourists.

Returning from the walk, we advise you to stop for a sweet snack at the Paleos pastry shop. They are not particularly nice, but their watermelon cake is very special and absolutely worth a try!

As you return to the car park, the square with the archaeological museum is also worth a stop, with its maxi chessboard and coloured chairs: truly picturesque.

A short distance away, you will find Tripiti, which in fact represents its natural continuation, less worldly and more relaxed. With its mills and the beautiful Agios Nikolaos church (I recommend visiting the interior) it can be an excellent choice for dining and taking a walk in the evening.

Also in this area, but going down towards the sea, there is Klima, a small fishing village characterized by several syrmata with colored doors, now mainly converted into shops or accommodation facilities. The crowd of tourists flocks towards sunset, when the sky begins to turn pink and orange, the show is guaranteed!

We stopped a little longer, when the sun begins to disappear on the horizon and the small village returns to its tranquillity, so that we can fully appreciate all its beauty.

A few km away, but on the opposite side of the island, is the small village of Mandrakia. This is also worth a visit for the beautiful little port, always embellished by the colored doors of the syrmata.

The colored syrmata of Mandrakia

Also worth a short stop during your tour of the island is the church of Zefiria, located in the western hinterland of Milos.

Finally, among the other noteworthy centers there are Adamas, the main port, with its promenade along the sea and the elegant Pollonia, a city built entirely to satisfy the most demanding customers. Good choice for a seafood dinner in one of the several beach restaurants, but nothing more.


The island is divided into two areas: the northern part, usually subjected to the Meltemi and the southern part, more protected. Also keep in mind that a large part of the western island cannot be visited.

Starting from the south, our favorite is definitely Firiplaka, for the beautiful white cliffs, flecked with red, the crystal clear water and the possibility of opting for the organized part (€20 set of 2 sunbeds and umbrella) or the free one. You can also rent kayaks and other equipment.

A short distance away, the small Tsigrado deserves the adventure to reach it: there are two wooden stairs to go down and it is also necessary to use ropes for greater safety. Bear in mind that the beach fills up quickly and is in full shade in the morning, but it is worth getting up early to appreciate its beauty alone.

A short distance away, there is Provatas beach, with two tavernas overlooking the sea. Moving further east we find the beautiful Ormos, and the busier Paliochori, much narrower, almost completely equipped with music and clubs.

In the north, the most famous is certainly Sarakiniko with its almost lunar appearance, with white rocks smoothed by the wind. During the day it gets very crowded and perhaps loses some of its charm, so we went early in the morning when the rocks shone with an iridescent white and there were very few tourists.

We then returned towards the evening, but there were still many people, many like us who had come to see these particular rocks illuminated by the warm light of the setting sun.

Firipotamos is pretty, with its little church and syrmata, but in August it's impractical in the afternoon.

Finally Papafragas, with its two coves. The Alogomandra beach, near our hotel, also deserves a mention: although it is not mentioned, it has a beautiful cove and a cave with a sort of natural pool!

Before your trip

  • How to reach it? It can be reached by ferry from various islands, we got there from Kimolos with a slow ferry (Zante ferries) in about 1h. Alternatively, if the sea allows it, there is a fast boat that connects Kimolos with Apollonia (Milos) in about 20min

  • How many days? We dedicated five days to the island, perfect for a second visit. If it's your first trip, you could also dedicate a few more days to it: Milos has almost 80 beaches, you certainly won't be bored!

  • How to move around? To get around, we definitely recommend the car. The distances are not short if you want to explore the island and each center has ample free parking

  • Where to stay? We have chosen a structure halfway between Pollonia and Plaka, directly overlooking a beach, the Galini Hotel & Restaurant. A modest solution, but with an amazing view at sunset and a good choice to be away from the confusion, but comfortable for travel

  • Where to eat? We got to try different restaurants:
    • in the center of Plaka we ate at Mavros Xorios, offers a revisited Greek cuisine that enhances local products
    • or alternatively, to stay on the traditional, Archontoula, right in the center of Plaka
    • in Pollonia for a tasty fish-based dinner, don't miss out Enalion
    • if you want to dine in a classic Greek taverna, we recommend in Tripiti Methismeni Politeia, in a beautiful garden it offers traditional cuisine (very good meat dishes)
    • or as an alternative Ergina, you will find the queue often but it moves fast. Here too, the traditional dishes are recommended