This travel blog was born in a muggy September evening, just back from a stunning trip through the parks of the western United States and with suitcases ready for a new trip to Formentera. The idea of the blog has been up in the air since many years, but the decision to start it seriously arises in that evening, spontaneously along with the name of the blog. Another big inspiration was a special book by Tiziano Terzani "Another ride ride", which even if it deals with health-related issues, revolves mainly around the author's latest travels around the world, full of details about the places visited, the people and the sensations he experienced. With such an authoritative example and a great sense of humility in front of such a capable writer, we decided to get involved and tell you about our passion for travel. In our deep, we also feel like him "travellers by necessity", traveling recharges us, makes us think, makes us live.

We have learned a lot during our travels, through our real experience and also reading the advices and suggestions of other travelers. With this blog we also want to make a contribution, sharing what we have learned with our readers.

"Filiamovia on 2" is section of the blog dedicated to couple trips, where you can find tips and itineraries to browse even just to take inspiration for your next holidays. We have always organized trips independently and have questioned all the stereotypes that can define an "expensive" destination and therefore not feasible. Sometimes you get carried away by the hearsay, but organizing in time and with some tricks opens up a world of new destinations.

A special part of the blog is dedicated to "Filiamovia 4 paws", to tell you about our travels itogether with Maya, our Hovawart. Hovawart?!?! What dog breed is it? It's a long story, I'll definitely tell you about it in a future post. Travelling with a four-legged dog is still not so easy in Italy, but with a bit of effort you can arrange beautiful weekends of walks in nature.

We travel not only for discovering new places, but also for tasting good food and good wine. We like to track down quality local products, visit small wineries and learn who is behind the products we buy. Do we make you mouth watering? You will find everything in the section "Filiamo to eat"

Are you ready to travel with us?!? Let's surf through our blog!

About us

Filiamovia was born from the desire to share our passion for travel. The opinions and images contained in this blog are personal. For fairness and transparency towards our readers, we do not advertise products and/or services that we have not personally tried and which we have not been fully satisfied with.


Francesca I love to think that I was born with the passion for travel, inherited from my dad. I was lucky enough to grow up in a family that always gave me the great opportunity to travel from an early age. From my first study-trip alone to England at the age of 10, it has been a succession of trips. I took all the opportunities I had to travel during my studies and now I nourish this passion in my spare time. Of each travel I keep in my heart memories, people and emotions that will be forever part of me. My husband Marco, by my side since 15 years, was immediately infected by my passion for travel. Since our first trip to Brazil in 2006, I realized that there would be endless trips, weekends and tours together.

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Marco Since I met Francesca, our life has been a continuous tour around the world. My passion for travel grew exponentially in a short time, together with the love for photography. I usually take care of the organizational part of each of our journeys and I can't stay without planning a new destination. IT professional, I take care of the technical part of the blog. Coming up though, I'd also like to start writing some posts.

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