Younger sister of nearby Milos, it is very often relegated to a one-day touch-and-go visit. We have decided to dedicate two days to it and we can confirm that it undoubtedly deserves a little more time to be appreciated.

Here time passes slowly and the small size of the island will lead you to appreciate the days in a much more relaxed and peaceful way. In line with this atmosphere, the various "open-air libraries" that you will find on the beach or in the center of the Chorio, which invite you to read and relax.

Main sights

On the island, the main point of interest is the Chorio, perched on the hill, where I am sure you will gladly get lost like us among the narrow streets and white houses.

It is divided into two parts: the Kastro, in the center and all around the more modern part of the city.

You will find two portals that allow you to access the interior of the Kastro one to the south and the other to the north. There isn't much left of its past splendor, but it's still worth a short walk.

Around the Kastro, the rest of the country has subsequently developed, with small squares overlooked by clubs and well-kept streets with particular shops. I am sure you will notice like us that in many places, in addition to decorating the flooring with the classic white painting, there are also often painted writings, poems or directions (as for the island bakery).

In two different places, you will also find here the "open-air libraries", absolutely very instagrammable. A truly original idea and in line with the atmosphere of the island.

You will also find several churches, some particularly impressive when compared to the small size of the island, such as Panagia Odigitria. Among these, the Byzantine church dedicated to Agios Ioannis Chrisostomos, which stands out from the others for the unusual brick and stone cladding.

In addition to the classic souvenir shops, there are small very characteristic shops selling local products, including the renowned local cheeses.

In the evening the center comes alive and after dinner it is worth a walk to discover unusual decorations.

In addition to the Chorio, there are other points of interest also on the road to the north, towards Prassa, where I recommend you stop for a stop in Rema and Goupa. In these small fishing villages, it will not be unusual to come across some inhabitants intent on painting the road white despite the scorching sun. Between these two locations, in addition to the classic Milos syrmata, you will also find an unusual rock formation, very similar to an elephant.


During our two days, we got to visit the main beaches, although you will find many more unnamed ones along the way. We started from the most famous Prassa, fine sand and transparent water, but not our favorite, partly because of the wind and the fact that it tends to get crowded in the late morning.

Then we moved to the beaches of the south coast, starting from the most distant Mavrospilia, a quiet sea with only the central part equipped and a small bar. Although we arrived late, we didn't struggle to find a space all to ourselves.

We  passed also by Ellenika, but there were several tents of boys camped on the beach and we didn't stop.

Kalamitsi is also very beautiful with a tavern behind it and perhaps the best on the island for us Bonatsa, a beautiful bay surrounded by tamarisk trees and a small equipped area. The water is even more beautiful than in Prassa!

Local cuisine

Among the specialties, we advise you not to miss ladenia, a crispy focaccia with tomato and onion. It is typical of Kimolos and Milos and in the bakery in Chorio there is a queue in the morning to buy it.

Based on our experience, we recommend that you dedicate a few days to Kimolos, only in this way you can discover all it has to offer and you will be able to slow down and fully enjoy its relaxed atmosphere.

Before your trip

  • How to reach the island? It can be reached by ferry from different islands, we arrived there from Sifnos (passing through Milos) with a slow ferry in about 2h and 30min. Alternatively, if the sea permits, there is a fast boat that connects Kimolos with Apollonia (Milos) in about 20min

  • How many days? We dedicated two days to the island and for what we had set out, they were more than enough

  • How to move around the island? To get around, we recommend a rental vehicle, a scooter or a small car. Probably the car is the best choice because most of the roads to reach the beaches are unpaved

  • Where to stay? We have chosen a structure with Airbnb Elena’s House. It is located in the Chorio, a few steps from the main streets. You will sleep in a typical house, which offers a balcony overlooking the port of Platsi . Just take into account a little noise in the evening, the nightlife doesn't end early

  • Where to eat? We have had the opportunity to taste two different restaurants:
    • the first is unmissable Palaia Agora, specializing in souvlaki and gyros, the meat is really tasty and the portions generous
    • alternatively, for a traditional Greek dinner at slightly higher prices I Kali Kardia "Bohoris"

  • Marmellate
  • Where to buy souvenirs? Among the most particular products, we recommend the prickly pear-based specialties (liqueur and jams) to be purchased from Stou Fragouli, in the main square of the town