Antiparos was the first of the smaller Cycladic islands that we decided to visit on this summer's tour. We had been in the older sister Paros for a few days in the past, but we were not particularly impressed. Antiparos, on the other hand, proved to be absolutely in line with our expectations: an authentic island, where the octopus still dries in the sun and unusual ducks stroll undisturbed around the port.

The island has a lot to offer, although it is small it has several bays with uncrowded turquoise water and in the central street, colored by the numerous bougainvillea, it is nice to take a stroll in the late afternoon or after dinner.


The island offers different types of beaches, the best are certainly those located on the east coast which is protected from the wind thanks to the proximity of Paros. The stretch that struck us most starts from the Soros beach and ends at the Faneromeni church.

Soros beach is already a valid choice, offering free sections and an equipped one. If you opt for the free beach, I recommend the part to the right of the equipped area for easier access to the sea and the finer sand.

After Soros, the unpaved road begins, but it is not too difficult to travel by scooter. Along the way, you will be captivated by the beauty of these often deserted bays, but I recommend you to reach for a swim the small beach that takes its name from this area.

The bay in Faneromeni are a feast for the eyes and ideal for relaxation, if too many people arrive for your tastes, you will have just to move to the next one! As regards to the west coast, we went to Ag. Georgios beach, near the islet of Despotiko. However this area did not particularly convince us and so we returned shortly after to Faneromeni.

The island also offers some beaches not far from the center. We went to Panagia beach, a fairly narrow beach characterized by shady tamarisk trees under which to relax.


Like any self-respecting island, Antiparos has also its perfect location for waiting for the sunset. In our case, we went near Sifneikos beach, also called the "beach of sunsets". Here you will find two different bars where you can enjoy the sunset: the quieter bar that takes its name from the beach or the more fashionable Sunset Deseo. A lot of people stop here to have a drink before and after sunset or to play bowls, like the guys we have immortalized in our shots.

Walk in the center

Il centro di Antiparos si sviluppa lungo una via principale, qui troverete vari negozietti e ristoranti. La via merita sicuramente una visita anche di giorno per apprezzarne i particolari.

The center of Antiparos develops along a main street, here you will find various small shops and restaurants. The street is certainly worth a visit even during the day to appreciate its details.

Al termine della via principale, si trova l'antico Kastro di origine veneziana.  Non resta molto, a parte le mura principali e qualche rovina.

At the end of the main street, there is the ancient Venetian Kastro. Not much of it remains, apart from the main walls and some ruins.

Even after dinner, the center is worth a visit, perhaps to stop in one of its bars to watch the comings and goings of passers-by. We recommend Bougainvilles, characterized by a high concentration of the homonymous plant, if you are looking for something more refined. If you want a very traditional place, we will definitely recommend the Cafe Babel run by the friendly Eleni, who will make you feel like a local.

Before your trip

    Antiparos ferry timetables
    Us on our scooter
  • How to reach the island? It is not difficult to reach Antiparos. It is possible to take a flight from Italy to get to Paros, but this August there were no direct flights. Therefore, we chose a flight to Mykonos, where we spent a day, and then moved to Paros by ferry. From the port of Paros a smaller and fairly frequent ferry departs daily for Antiparos. Tickets for this ferry are not bookable, they are made directly on the boat and in August they cost €5 each

  • How many days? We dedicated three and a half days to Antiparos, it was enough to appreciate its beaches and wander around the center. The island also offers some attractions, such as an excursion to the island of Despotiko and a visit to the caves (closed due to Covid during our stay)

  • How to move around the island? We rented a scooter at the price of €18 per day. In our opinion, it is the most comfortable way to get around, considering that the distances are short and the roads are often bumpy or unpaved. Furthermore, the scooter has the advantage that it can be parked more easily in the limited spaces near the beaches

  • Where to stay? We stayed at Mike's Place. It is in an excellent position, very close to the port and with different types of rooms and apartments, all kept with great care by the kind owner

  • Where to eat? Antiparos offers several possibilities to choose from:
    • Argo Restaurant just behind the port, it won us over with its traditional cuisine and courteous service
    • In the center, it's worth a mention Taverna Yorgi, with typical dishes well cooked
    • For a good lunch with a view over Soros, we recommend the tavernPeramataki